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Top Shelf Inspection
Top Shelf Inspection
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Top Shelf Inspection

Providing a professional analysis of your new home for your protection


What is a Home Inspection?
A home inspection is an objective visual nondestructive examination of the systems and structure of a home, from the roof to the foundation. Having a home inspected is similar to getting a physical checkup. If a problem or symptom is discovered, the inspector may recommend further evaluation. The inspection will take approximately two to three hours to complete, depending on the size and age of the home. A home inspection is not a warranty or insurance program but a method to assist you in understanding the condition of your new home.

Keeping Things in Perspective

All homes have problems. The question is what and how serious are the problems. We can help you understand important issues relating to your home and will communicate that to you. We are sensitive to the emotions present during the transaction and know that the timely delivery of the message is as important as its content. When discussing problems, we may suggest solutions and maintenance programs. We will offer valuable information giving you greater confidence in negotiations.

What We Inspect


     Included in the Inspection:

  • Site Overview

  • Drainage

  • Retaining Walls

  • Fences

  • Crawl Space

  • Electrical

  • Air Conditioning

  • Walls

  • Heating

  • Floors
  • Foundation

  • Roof

  • Plumbing

  • Insulation

  • Porches
  • Patios

  • Decks

  • Garage

  • Water Heaters

  • Baths
  • Kitchen

  • Pool and Spa*
    *Additional Fee


We strongly urge the prospective buyer to be present for the walk through at the end of the inspection. By being present, you will have a far greater understanding of your new home and the report. We will be able to explain features and answer any questions that you may have about the property or the report.

The ASHI Virtual Home Inspection Tour

Take the ASHI Virtual Home Inspection Tour now to learn about some common problems found during a home inspection.
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How Long Will It Take?
In most cases, the average inspection takes between 2 to 3 hours depending on the size, condition and age of the property. A comprehensive report is provided at the end of the inspection.

Inspection Report
Your computer generated, narrative inspection report is easy to understand. Your report can be posted on a secure website or be emailed, complete with digital pictures. Also included in your report are inspection standards.

The best place to start your real estate transaction is with the property inspection.

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